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Red Path Gallery and Tasting Room proudly features wines, craft beers, and spirits from all over Nebraska, as well as some macro-brew favorites. We feature beer, wine and liquor tastings so be sure to check our calendar for upcoming events.



A fruit and spice balance with smoky undertones. Whiskey Run Creek

Reserve Red
An off-dry red with hints of black cherry and ripe berries. Nissen Winery

Saint Cosme
Deep plum with violet reflections. Aromas of bright berry fruits and licorice. Côtes du Rhône

Pinot Noir
Raspberry and plum with a mix of cherry, violets, and a hint of sandalwood. Grayson Cellars

Cabernet Sauvignon
Flavors of juicy blackberry, black currant, and a welcomed density. Tree Fort


Sauvignon Blanc
Citrusy notes of lime zest and tropical guava combine with a lick of wet stones. Jules Taylor

A semi-sweet aromatic white wine with a tropical to apricot nose and a great crisp finish. Nissen Winery

The Historic Seward | Frontenac Blanc
A semi-dry white with a clean crisp flavor. Whiskey Run Creek

Reserve White
A dry, crisp, light-bodied wine, delicately fragrant with rich tangy citrus flavors. Nissen Winery

A semi-sweet wine that creates an explosion of fruit flavors for your palate. Nissen Winery

Moscato Frizzante
Light and fresh aromas of orange blossom and white peach. Berton Vineyards


Bow Valley Blush
A youthful sweet wine exerting fruity aromas. A delightful wine you’re sure to enjoy anytime. Nissen Winery

Big O!
A sweet red wine made from a blend of grapes with bright grapey flavors and a smooth finish. Nissen Winery

Country Christmas (Red)
A sweet red wine with hints of berry. Nissen Winery

Country Christmas (White)
A sweet white Christmas wine. Nissen Winery


Burning Skye Scottish Ale
A dark beer with a subtle, creamy sweetness. Empyrean Brewing

Vanilla Bean Blonde
A smooth ale with vanilla and bready notes. Infusion Brewing 

Sun of the Beast
A light ale with a slightly sweet vanilla bump. Kindkaider Brewing 

Dragon Juice
IPA with bright, juicy tropical and citrus fruit flavors. Kinkaider Brewing

Fairy Nectar
IPA with notes of grapefruit, mango, and tropical goodness. Kros Strain Brewery 

Brunette Nut Brown
Uniquely malted beer with notes of coffee, toffee, & caramel. Nebraska Brewing 

Juicy pineapple & orange IPA. Zipline Brewing 

Passion Pineapple Cider
Passionfruit and pineapple cider. Glacial Till Vineyard 

Münchener Lager
Original Munich Lager with a perfect balance of malty character and hops. Paulaner Brewery 

Naturally hazy and silky gold under a strong head of foam. Paulaner Brewery 

Bud Light
Light-bodied brew with a fresh, clean, and subtle hop aroma. Anheuser-Busch 

Tropic Wonder
Mango Habanero Blonde. A little bit of sweet a little bit of spice. Lucky Bucket Brewing 

Dark Cherry Cider
Aromas of freshly pressed apples with a hint of cherry. Sideshow Spirits & Cider 

Michelob Ultra
A light lager with the perfect balance of hops and wholesome grains. Anheuser-Busch

Mango Cart
A light wheat Ale bursting with lots of fresh mango flavor and aroma. Golden Road Brewing 

Oatmeal Porter
A porter with dark chocolate and coffee notes. Zipline Brewing 


Brickway Distillery

Brickway Distillery

Brickway Distillery

Cinnamon Whiskey
Brickway Distillery

Spring Creek Whiskey
Loup River

Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Loup River

Cinnamon Whiskey
Lazy RW 

Lemon Whiskey
Lazy RW

Strawberry Lemon Whiskey
Lazy RW 

Blueberry Lemon Whiskey
Lazy RW 

Reserve Corn Whiskey
Lazy RW



RP Punch
Vodka or Gin and cranberry with a “punch” of pineapple

Freedom Splash
Cherry-cran flavored delight

Vodka Cranberry
Our take on the classic favorite

Gin & Tonic
Gin & Tonic the Red Path way

Bloody Mary
The Best Bloody Mary in the building as told by our customers


Cranberry-apple whiskey drink

Apple Pie
A slice of apple pie in a glass

Cinnamon Roll
Sweet cinnamon roll in a glass

Lemon Meringue Pie
A favorite with sweet & tart flavors

Prairie Breeze
A drink to enjoy on the prairie. The strawberry, lemon, cherry-cran, & pineapple flavors just might make you think you are on the beach.

Whiskey Sweet
Our favorite whiskey with some sweetness

Whiskey Sour
Our favorite whiskey with sour notes to make you pucker

Cranberry Lemonade
Lemon whiskey with cranberry juice

Old Fashioned
Our favorite bourbon with sweet & bitters

Where cinnamon & lemon whiskey meet


Red Path’s mimosa with orange & pineapple flavors

Rum & Coke
The classic rum & coke

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